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Yakima Folklife

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Downtown Concert Schedule
Friday, July 11, 2008
Time Yakima Sports Center The Depot Bob's Keg and Cork Greystone Santiago's Buhrmaster Bakery Massett Winery
7:00 PM Hoppy Hopkins There She Goes  Frank Jones John Spitler Brendon Wires  Amy Bleu Ali Marcus  
  Trad. Popular Folk Alternative Folk/Rock Singer/Songwriter Americana Bass Soloist Singer/Songwriter Urban Folkster
8:00 PM Terry Holder Mighty Ghost of Heaven Aleah SpringSnow Skweez The Weezle Danny Weber Sherry Flanigan Shannon Beck
  Singer/Songwriter Americana Old-Time Songsters Singer/Songwriter Celtic Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter
9:00 PM Bad Habit Strange Jerome  Tracy Spring Steve & Shelly Hines Micheal &Kelneren Milhem  Tamara Lewis John Nelson
  Pure & Simple Rock Country Rock Singer/songwriter Trad. Folk & Cowboy Classical Folk Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter
10:00 PM Colin Spring Naugahyde Nites Dave Rawlinsoon Band Carl Allen Bye Bye Chinook Acoustic Snacks Bouncing Love Monkeys Tania Opland
  Singer/Songwriter Orig. Country/Rock/Blues Singer/Songwriter Trad. Rock/Jazz/Blues Singer/Songwriter Trad. Alternative Eclectic Singer/Songwriter
11:00 PM The Rod Giles Band Ockham's Razor  David Tully     Donnie Dunn & Friends  
  Rock Revitalized Irish/Celtic Old Timey     Folk, Old-Timey, Irish, & Original  
Yakima Folklife Festival '08 Saturday Schedule
  Sets = 45 mins. 15 mins. Sets = 35 min Sets = 45mins. Sets = 35 min Open Mic Stage
10:15   Mark Young        
10:30 Artistic Music Expression Singer TBA Pity Dog Tamara Lewis Dick Weissman
10:45 African Rythms Songwriter   Funk-Jam Singer/Songwriter Marketing your Music
11:15   Mark Young Shannon Beck   Mighty Ghost of Heaven   
11:30 Bram Brata 1 Singer Singer/Songwriter Tuck Foster &  Old-Time Songsters  
11:45 Traditional Steel Drums Songwriter   The Second Chance    
NOON     John Nelson Spiritual Rock/Jazz Frank Jones  
12:15   Mark Young Singer/Songwriter   Singer/Songwriter  
12:30 Bram Brata 2 Singer   Alex Wilson & Anorexic Puppies    
12:45 Traditional Steel Drums Songwriter Tania Opland 15 Yr-old Blues Guitarist Humphrey, Hartman, &  
1:00     Singer/Songwriter   Cameron  
1:15   Nick Hughes     Songwriters - Chamber Folk  
1:30 Ecclectic Cloggers   Trad.& Pop Folk There She Goes Dave Rawlinson Band Micheal & Keleren Milhem  
1:45 with Growling Old Women   Sassy Alternative Folk/Rock Orig. Country/Rock/Blues Classical Folk  
2:00 Old-Timey Music & Dancing          
2:15   Nick Hughes Brendon Wires   Hoppy Hopkins  
2:30 Terry Holder  Trad.& Pop Folk "Amazing Bass" Soloist Strange Jerome Trad. Popular Folk  
2:45 Singer/Songwriter Americana     Emotive Roots Country/Rock    
3:00     Ali Marcus    Tracy Spring  
3:15   Nick Hughes Urban Folkster   Original Folk/Blues Songwriter  
3:30   Trad.& Pop Folk   Colin Spring & Naugahyde Nights    
3:45     Carl Allen Singer/Songwriter    
4:00     Singer/Songwriter Trad.   Steve & Shelly Hines  
4:15   Hillary Matson     Trad. Folk & Cowboy  
4:30 Balladores del Sol  Irish Aleah SpringSnow Acoustic Snacks    
4:45 Mariachi  at its Best Step Dance Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter Trad. Donnie Dunn & Friends  
5:00         Folk, Old-Timey, Irish, & Original  
5:15   Hillary Matson John Spitler      
5:30 Ockham's Razor w/Hillary Matson Irish Americana   Bye Bye Chinook  
5:45 Revitalized Irish/Celtic Step Dance     Rock/Jazz/Blues  
6:00     Sherry Flanigan      
6:15   Hillary Matson Singer/Songwriter      
6:30 Bad Habit Irish Amy Bleu      
7:15 Pure & Simple Rock Step Dance Singer/Songwriter      
7:30 The Rod Giles Band          
8:30 Rock          
Saturday, July 12, 2008
Time Yakima Sports Center The Depot Bob's Keg and Cork Greystone Santiago's Buhrmaster Bakery
7:00 PM Star Anna Alex Wilson & Anorexic Puppies Dick Weissman Linda Waterfall Mark Young Chad Bault 
  Country Alternative Hot Electric Blues Banjo/Guitar Solos Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Indie Soul
8:00 PM Garrett & Westcott Above All Odds Waterbound  Crescent & Shamrock Jonathan Nicholson Stefan George
  Singer/Songwriter Blues Folk/Rock Alt. Almost Anything Traditional Celtic Belly Dancer Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter
9:00 PM 1928 Rusted Soul Tom Rawson  Ravinwolf Humphrey, Hartman, & Cameron  Kevin Morgan
  20's-50's Pop Anything and Everything User-Friendly Folk Folkorgainicrock   Singer/Songwriter
10:00 PM Sunday Speedtrap The New Folksters The Drews Bold Horizon  Faye Wiedenhoeft Todd Sammuson
  Singer/Songwriter Traditional Folk Hot Americana Folk Group Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter
11:00 PM Mike Lundstron/Friends Uncle Joe's Banjo Band Steven Lefebvre Dandelion Greens   TBA
  Eclectic Blues/Folk Old-Timey Slide Blues Old & New Old-Timey Jump Americana    
Other Special Saturday Events
An Acoustic Evening of World Music Contra Dance
The Seasons Performance Hall Broadway Grange Hall
7:00 PM Dave & Dalmatians     7:00 PM Quit Thinkin
A-Capella Balkans w/ Mitchell Frey calling
8:00 PM Kosher Red Hots
 Klezmer Band
9:00 PM Klapa DooWopella
Croatian Ballads + DooWop
10:00 PM Balledores del Sol
Mariachi  at its Best
Yakima Folklife Festival '08 Sunday Schedule
  Sets = 45 mins. 15 mins. Sets = 35 min Sets = 45  mins.  Sets = 35 min Open Mic Stage
10:30 Wapato Indian Club    Stefan George Above All Odds David Tully The Folksters
10:45 Native Dancing   Singer/Songwriter Folk/Rock Alt. Old Timey Clawhammer Banjo
11:15   Chad Bault Jonathan Nicholson   Bold Horizon  
11:30 Crescent & Shamrock Indie/Folk Singer/Songwriter Rusted Soul Traditional Folk Group Linda Waterfall 
11:45 Celtic Belly Dancer     Anything and Everything   Songwriting
12:00     Bouncing Love Monkeys   Faye Weidenkoeft  
12:15   Chad Bault Alternative Eclectic   Singer/Songwriter  
12:30 Zuva Marimba Indie/Folk   Sunday Speedtrap   Dick Weissman
12:45 African Rhythms   Todd Sammuson Singer/Songwriter   Banjo/Guitar
1:00     Singer/Songwriter      
1:15   Chad Bault        
1:30 Cleopatras Veil Indie/Folk Steve Lefebvre Dave & Dalmatians Tom Rawson Mike Lundstrom
1:45 Belly Dancing   Slide Blues - Old & New A-Capella Balkans Trad. User-Friendly Songwriter Dobro
2:15   Danny Weber Star Anna      
2:30 Uncle Joe's Banjo Band Singer/Songwriter Country Alternative Klapa DooWopella    
2:45 Old-Timey     Croatian Ballads    
3:00     Ravinwolf   Dick Weissman  
3:15   Danny Weber Folkorgainicrock   Banjo/Guitar Solos  
3:30 Kosher Red Hots Singer/Songwriter   1928    
3:45 Klezmer Band   Steve & Kristi Nebel 20's-50's Pop Waterbound  
4:00     Original Folk/Rock Songwriter   Almost Anything Traditional  
4:15   Danny Weber        
4:30 Dandelion Greens Singer/Songwriter The Drews Celluloid Cowboys Linda Waterfall  
4:45 Old-Timey Jump Americana   Hot Americana Hollywood Cowboy Music Singer/Songwriter  
5:15         Kevin Morgan  
5:30 Garrett & Westcott   The New Folksters Mike Lundstrom & Friends Singer/Songwriter  
5:45 Singer/Songwriter Blues   Traditional Folk Eclectic Blues/Folk    
6:30 Blue Tropics          
7:30 Where We Would Like To Be Tunes