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Exposure to the audience of Central Washington can help you in many ways, and we will help you in any way we can.  Participation in the festival will count on your behalf when we choose performers for our concert series, as well as exposing your act to other venues in Yakima, such as the Central Washington State Fair.

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2016 Folklife Festival Performer Application

Event Dates:  July 8 - 10, 2016

Application Due:  May 31, 2016

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Musicians: To be invited to our festival and considered for our concert series, please provide us with:

  1. Mailing address, phone & fax numbers, and Website information and e-mail address along with the Online Application below.
  2. A sound sample of your music, or photos and description of dance performance.
  3. An up-to-date promotional "press packet" (photo, bio, reviews, etc.)

Announcements/invitations to the festival are sent in December and applications are due by May 31 (last minute applications are considered on a case by case basis).

Thanks for your interest.

At the Festival:
Musician check-in at the museum is in front of the soda fountain sign for entrance to musician parking.  If you wish us to sell your CD's check them in at the Folklife Store next to the main stage.  Looking forward to seeing you! 

If you have any questions or concerns please call
Don Eastridge at 509-930-8828
anytime during the festival.

As is customary, we do not pay at festival time ...sorry.  However, we will aggressively support the musician in any way we can—In most cases we will provide free motel lodging (performers more than 2 hrs from Yakima OR Gas mileage.  We always provide Saturday breakfast and mid-day meal, a fully staffed sales booth to sell your recordings (we take no cut of sales), and we’ll get a crowd.  

Tape and CD sales at our concert series are very good—often doubling the guarantee!  If someone sees a performance they like in Seattle, they will remember the name so they can catch them again.  Out here in culture-hungry Yakima, if you see a performance you like, you take the music home because, otherwise, you may never get to hear it again. 

Performer's Lodging Information:
    Oxford Inn of Yakima
    1603 E. Yakima Avenue
    Yakima,WA 98901

Musicians check into the Oxford Inn by identifying themselves and saying they're from Yakima Folklife. 

Perfomer's Lodging Information:


2016 Folklife Festival -- fill out and submit the performer application by clicking on the link below: